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M.T. Haakon has a significant inventory of eco-chic decor and is working on new art with even more focus on original art work. These items will be available through our online store.


M.T.Haakon Art and Design specializes in unique artwork and restored old solidly built furniture into an eclectic design that fits very well with modern times.

M.T. Haakon Art & Design is always mindful of environmental issues such as recycling, repurposing and strives to use “made in the USA” products and local services whenever possible.

The following are some of the current  items you will be able to acquire through M.T. Haakon Art & Design.

Current Lines Include:

  1. *Original works of art in recycled and hand-painted frames

  2. *Carved wood fish and mermaids from driftwood and salvage.

  3. *Reworked “ functional art” pieces of furniture.

  4. *Salvaged wood furniture.

  5. *Retro Chic Home Decor

  6. *Seaglass Jewelry

Please visit our web site regularly to see pictures of new items on our stores and for updates on the introduction of our additional lines.

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Our website is in constant state of transition. Our inventory moves very quickly so items you see here may be already sold. The website will continue to evolve to maintain our inventory as current as possible, so please come and visit us often.

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